A Guide To Spend The Holiday Season In Paris

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If you’re anything like me, Paris makes the “must-see” list of life’s travels. It’s not about whether or not to go, but rather when. The timing question plays a big part in any vacation planning, and this is especially important in a place like Paris. Having been there during different times of the year, I can tell you that each season has its pros and cons.

Photo credit : Olivier Bruchez

Seasonal Conditions in Paris
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Mural at Lille station

Picture of the moment: Mural at Lille station.
Note:- Picture of the moment is a weekly series exhibiting pictures, through which I show you a bit of my journeys and my world.

Talking of murals, here is another one at Lille railway station. At Lille, what attracted me most was this fascinating 3D paintings on the wall of the railway station. Lille is a noticeable town in northern France, situated almost at the border with Belgium.

mural at Lille @lemonicks.com

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Mont Blanc

Amongst all memories of Geneva, Switzerland, I have 3 distinct ones.
One is witnessing Jet d’eau (literally jet of water, a fountain in the middle of Geneva lake (or Lac Leman), day in and day out, sometimes going on the walk way right up to the fountain or walk along the lake drinking in the beauty. Another is the huge flower clock.

And the third memory is of Mont Blanc (no, not the pen :)). I am talking about the highest mountain peak in Alps, at which we looked longingly, every day from Palais des Nations which houses the … Read the rest