Delicious Yemas de Ávila

Delicious Yemas de Ávila

As a traveller I always try to taste as much local food as possible. Whichever country we are in, the local food tells us so much about the place… some history, availability of certain raw products in the region, weather conditions, or simply the reason for it being made or produced there.

I have a big sweet tooth and when it comes to sweets trust me I simply can not resist them. So, when I was told that Yemas is a famous delicious sweet dish from the medieval walled city of Ávila, I was drooling again!… Read the rest

Sky in Avila

I have come back from a wonderful trip to Spain. Starting from Madrid we visited 4 cities and must say all the four of them took my breath away.
However, Avila became my favourite place in Spain. A quaint charming place where I would love to come back again & again. Here is a photo to show you a lovely sky and a small part of the town from the fort.

sky in Avila

Lovely sky from the fort.

More on this town later.

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