8 Fun Things to do in Ibiza

So you thought Ibiza is only about beaches, drinks and throbbing night life?
Of course, they are an integral part of this pristine island and Ibiza is the unofficial party capital of the world but there is much more to Ibiza beyond these. Unlike the misconception, Ibiza is as much a destination for a family or a group as it is for couples. If you are not comfortable with the impression it has, go to Ibiza for other reasons.

1) Go drumming.

drumming ibiza@lemonicks.com
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Hola de Ibiza!

Hello from Ibiza.

We reached here day before yesterday by a local flight from Barcelona. And I am enjoying the weather as well as the small gems of Ibiza.

Before coming here we had wonderful time in nearby places of Barcelona such as Girona, Figueres etc. The best for me was Dali’s Museum. 😀

beach in Ibiza @lemonicks.com

So you thought Ibiza is all about beaches & night life? Think again. … Read the rest