Peep inside Real Madrid!

The World Cup 2014 has started today. Football fever is on and what better occasion than it to peep inside a real Football stadium? To know the enormity and other details related to the game?

So today I take you inside Real Madrid Stadium.

You can’t miss the stadium when you get off the metro, or the bus. It is named after Santiago Bernabéu, the man who had the vision to create the stadium.
It is hard to envisage the enormous size of the Real Madrid stadium before visiting it, and I am sure even not so die-hard fans will appreciate the panoramic views once inside. The best way to see the stadium is to take a Real Madrid tour, which takes you behind the scenes.

real madrid stadium

One of the major

The Official Symbol of Madrid

The symbol of Madrid

When I saw this statue in Plaza de Sol, Madrid, I was told that this statue is The Symbol of Madrid. A tree and a bear? I was intrigued enough to find out the story behind it.

symbol of madrid

Bear and the Madroño tree.

The official symbol of Madrid is a bear rearing up on its hind legs and feasting on berries of a tree. Sometimes it is