Street performer in Spain

Street performer in Spain
This was in Segovia. We were entering the Alcázar of Segovia, literally, Segovia Castle… a stone fortification. He was at the gate singing soulful heart rending songs. His voice had emotions.
A stool, an amp, a mic, a guitar and an opened guitar case with some notes & coins in it. His possessions could be counted on one hand. But his real possession was his voice.

He asked where we are from.
Oh, I have been to Goa. It’s a lovely place.”
I thanked and smiled. And wondered how many street artists in India knew about his country! Time to bridge the gap. 🙂

Below is a short video of his beautiful singing.

I loved the way he

Hola Segovia !

Picture of the moment: Hola Segovia
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Hola from Spain !!
We landed in Segovia last evening. It is a beautiful quaint town. We are staying in a Parador on the top of a hill which overlooks the whole town which also has a very beautiful castle. Probably we’ll visit this castle tomorrow.

An illuminated church in Segovia town.

Since it was a sunny day, we did not want to waste any time and headed straight to the town and walked around. We had dinner near this illuminated church.