Home sweet home!

It feels good to be back to one’s warm and comfort zone but it’s also so shameful to hear the horrendous news of a medical student being gang raped in a moving bus in our own capital. Things like this make me so small. I’ve written it before and I repeat it here, many times on foreign land people are not happy if I tell them that I am an Indian. It’s that bad and it’s such a shame!

Coming back to travel …. this year I travelled a lot. I will have to assess how much but I guess … Read the rest

Sometimes losing money is fun !

Sometimes losing money is fun !

Casino! This word generally conjures up images from Las Vegas. The glittering lights and world famous shows, not to mention the best gambling and gaming dens.

Gambling probably is as old as civilization itself. My Indian friends may remember the events that lead to the Kurukshetra War (as per Mahabharata).
I do believe that gambling and games are quite related. In fact any activity that has the tendency to have an uncertainty in their result is a potential candidate for gambling. These days we have people betting on results of any game or sport.… Read the rest

Tamil signboard !

We had gone to mini Switzerland open museum in Lugano. There were signboards everywhere in different languages telling us not to touch models and other materials. OK, German, French, Italian.. .. I can understand but what caught my attention was this signboard written in Tamil ! Switzerland and Tamil ?? Now that was something unexpected.

If you can read it, please use the comment section. 😀

To talk of Tamil, it is one of the official languages of Singapore. I was amused to see Tamil appearing next to English on every board at railway stations and bus stops there. 🙂… Read the rest

Lugano – Dreams do come true !

Jaipur se gaadi nikli, dilli chali halle-halle” If you happen to remember this quite old song from a Rishi Kapoor/Sridevi starrer then probably you know what I want to say.
Sorry I was young then, don’t remember the name of this movie. I would appreciate if someone helps me getting the song. Ever since I saw this song on television, I had fallen in love with that place and wanted to go there. I had a dream… to visit the place where they have such small working models of running trains with small sized stations, small ships… everything … Read the rest