Ramadan in Turkey

Come Ramzan (Ramadan) and it’s a festive mood around us. There are many countries where it is a time of great celebration, something like carnival atmosphere, with trees, mosques and homes in towns are decorated with lights.

The followers of Islam in India, Malaysia, Turkey and other parts of the world fast during the daylight hours of the month long festival of Eid-ul-Fitr or Ramadan maintaining their self-resistance towards their needs and urges. Come evening, they break their fast with mouth watering dishes in this holy month with much gusto.

Today on this occasion I take you to Turkey through … Read the rest

Flying to Turkey

You must be wondering where I am off to next.
Well, there has been a flurry of activities in the last few days and I am as busy as I could be. In the last 10 days I declined 3 invitations, both international & domestic; postponed 2 more when the hosts insisted that I must visit them sooner or later.

After Spain in May and Kerala in June, there was no flight out of Mumbai for me, if we leave the shorter trips aside.

And before July says Goodbye to me, I am going off for a week to Turkey … Read the rest