Flying domestic?

I have been travelling (and hence flying) since ages but I still make mistakes when it comes to buying air tickets. Being a traveler I don’t mind a different route but I generally try to stick to the airline which gives me an affordable ticket.
In the hustle & bustle of life, I start comparing tickets of different airlines, different combinations and after some time I give up. Not to mention, most of the times I end up paying much more than what should have been an ideal price.

Mumbai from above

That’s aerial view of Mumbai

Flying international is

Colors of my travel

This post is about colors of travel which I’ve captured during my travels. Choosing just one for each category was extremely difficult for me. Here are my five colors of travel which capture the essence as per my perception.

RED: Drying time.
Best red photos would always be a fiery sunset and I have quite a few of them. But I avoided putting them here.

woman drying clothes

We were hiking in

My 7 super travel shots

Ah well… This post is about posting my 7 super travel shots in the following categories which I think best suit them.

It was really very difficult to find just one image for each of these seven categories from among all my cherished travel photos, but I think I have done a good job with my picks. It is very nostalgic to go back through old photos and remember how amazing those trips were. 😀
So, without further ado, here are my seven super shots in seven categories !

1. A photo that…takes my breath away

Lonar crater lake

Lonar crater lake in Maharashtra is third

A hungry backpacker’s delight

As a backpacker I know, eating out every single meal can get expensive while travelling; therefore many a times we feel like cooking in a hostel kitchen. It is a great way to save money when we are travelling.
So, when Hostelbookers invited me to add my simplest recipe for a hungry backpacker, I was more than happy to share one.

I wanted to make a wholesome meal which can be made very easily within minutes after a tiring day. The number of ingredients and number of steps were restricted to a max. of five. The challenge for me is to use ingredients that are easily available internationally.

hungry backpacker's delight - ingredients for quick meal

Ingredients for a corn flakes meal.

Souvenir Key Chains

Long back someone gifted me an exquisite keychain. I have till now treasured it. Then one more came my way. I treasured it as well.
When I started travelling, I saw keychains at every tourist place. These are the smallest mementos that one can take back home for oneself or gift without much botheration.
So, I began buying keychains for myself and others too. Also being a backpacker I neither have money nor space to carry bigger fancier gifts for people back home.

key chains

Antique looking pieces. I have some gold plated as well.

Gradually it became a

Babies in first class – Malaysia airlines

Do you like it when you go for a movie, relax in your seat and in the midst of an engrossing scene, suddenly a cranky infant starts crying in his highest volume right behind your seat?
I don’t. And I won’t.

I love babies but please do not get me wrong. There are certain moments when we would not like to hear an unending howl especially when we are finishing off some urgent work or trying to take a short nap.
Probably you’d suggest a couple seat in a theatre or a cozy enclosure otherwise?

Recently Malaysia Airlines decided not to allow infants in first class on certain flying sectors. As expected, many people did not welcome this.
But I agree with the airlines.

Inside aeroplane

Won’t you love a peaceful & noiseless journey?

As a parent who has