Talking of strong bond

While traveling within India I mostly travel by air to major cities but whenever I get a chance to go by train, I grab the opportunity. There are several reasons to do that which I’ll speak of some other time. Here I am talking about something else.

I have noticed that Gujaratis have very strong family ties. They are much more bonded than any other. I’ll tell you my reasoning.

I very frequently travel from Mumbai to northern part of India and the train passes through Gujarat. Come Surat, there would be a

Monetize a Blog Without Selling Out

This is a guest post written by Jennifer Mattern.
How Bloggers can Monetize a Blog Without Selling Out?
Do you run your own blog? Would you like to make money through your blog, but you worry that you’ll be perceived as a sell out? Well stop worrying! Making money doesn’t have to mean selling your soul to advertisers. You can make money blogging, be compensated well for the hard work you put into your blog, and still keep your ethical standards. The trick? Put yourself in your readers’ shoes.

Before we jump into tips on making money from your blog while maintaining your standards, let’s look at what it really means to “sell out.”
For sale @lemonicks.comWhat Does it Mean to “Sell Out” as a Blogger?

As a blogger, here are some examples of things you might do that could damage your reputation and make readers view you as a sell out (or stop visiting altogether):

1. You write more for the money than for your readers — as in you have a lot of affiliate reviews and not much else.
2. You let sponsorships influence the editorial side of your blog in any way.
3. You accept money for posts, reviews, or other sponsorships without fully disclosing that relationship to readers.
4. You have so many ads littering your blog that readers can’t bear to spend time there.

10 Tips for

Feedback time

From time to time I update my readers about behind the scene work on
It is time again to do that.
In addition, I have some goodies for you at the end of this post. 🙂

Dubai Deira Creek

A small ship in Deira Creek, Dubai.

Not much has changed on the site as such.
My travel schedule is quite extensive for the next few months and if there are any gaps in between, the unplanned ones fill them up in no time. No regrets, I am more than happy about it. My only grudge is that I do not get enough time to write about my journeys.

I am also busy with my other works and so whenever possible, I am trying to pitch in here with variety of posts.

Before I continue it again, I would like to

Of my absence …

So, I went on another solo backpacking trip. This time it was interiors of Tamil Nadu where language was as big a barrier as was the place for me. Backpacking to remote places has its own charm & toll. V was apprehensive of this trip but I assured him.
I love challenges and almost had my way until the last phase when some small bloody creatures on this earth defeated me. My ever sharp German knife or any other defense tactics couldn’t defend me from them. 😛

Yeah, I was attacked by Dengue and first 3 days I kept suppressing high fever by taking paracetamol thinking it just another fever. By the time I was back to Mumbai & got my tests done, I was advised immediate hospitalization. Took 2nd & 3rd opinion … no luck… all inhumane torturous doctors wanted to chain me to hospital bed. 😀
Anyway, not going in detail as how many times they sucked blood out of my veins on pretext of checking something or the other and for your info,

World Heritage Sites of India

Sometime back I had written about ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) being an issuing authority for a common entry ticket for all World Heritage sites in India. This was mainly done to reduce the waiting period in queue and other hassles faced while visiting these places.

After buying entrance tickets these people are waiting for security check

Tickets for individual sites are also made

Clever Airlines

Recently I came back to my base after more than a month. My trip was packed with activities with not a single half day to spare. Most of the tickets were booked either by air or train depending on the sector, availability and convenience. Because of the summer rush, some of the tickets were waitlisted but I was quite satisfied with the arrangements that were made for me.

On one such domestic sector (Chennai to Mumbai), I had confirmed air-ticket. I had to catch 7:50 PM flight and was looking forward to having dinner with my family at Mumbai.
A little before leaving for airport – Received a sms from the airlines conveying me the news of half an hour delay. Glad for the airlines that