ICTT Conference

ICTT Conference

I was invited to the ICTT (International Conference on Travel Technology) India which was held in Trivandrum.
It was a first of its kind of travel and technology conference in India by ATTOI (Association of Travel Trade Organizations, India). I have shared the program’s link in an earlier post.

A two day conference with 17 speakers from all over the world, it was a huge success. The chief minister of Kerala inaugurated the function. My favourite among the guest speakers was Shashi Tharoor who simply stole the show with his short yet powerful speech.

ICTT India

Shashi Tharoor has a huge no. of fan followers on Twitter.

Year 2010 in travel

Warning: This is a colorful post. 🙂
Before I start writing about my recent trip of Philippines and Malaysia, I thought it better to recollect how was the year 2010 for me in terms of travel.
I think I will skip some of domestic travels since a few of them happened in a jiffy and I do not remember the details now. Also, I am not counting the local exploration of lesser known places of my town such as watching Flamingos at Sewri fort.

Flamingos enjoying their meals.

The year started with a trip to

YMCA, Trivandrum

It was my first visit to Trivandrum or even Kerala.

I was apprehensive about the place I was going to stay. I needed a budgeted, clean and safe place. On Googling I found, hotels near Trivandrum station were all of similar nature and class.
As soon as you put your foot on the ground, the touts swam you with offers to take you to a nice hotel. They get commission, hotel gets a customer and you pay the bill. To tell you the truth, I am susceptible to these pressure tactics, especially if I am traveling alone.
So, I wanted a place I could directly head for, shooing away these touts.

Entrance to International block.

Forums could not help me much. Then fortunately

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam beach is one of the sought after beaches of India. So when I happened to visit Trivandrum… well, what do you expect of me ? I made it a point to go there in evening even if it was for a short period of a few hours.

Sunset at Kovalam.

Beach is as beautiful as you could think of. It reminds us of many beaches around the world. It has 2

Interview with general secretary,YMCA, Trivandrum

In Trivandrum I stayed in YMCA for 2 days and it was fairly a good experience. Here is my short interview with Mr Thomas Abraham, general secretary of YMCA, Trivandrum.

Thomas Abraham

Nisha Jha (NJ): I saw the website of YMCA, Trivandrum. First look is impressive but many of the links are not working. What are you doing for that?
Thomas Abraham(TA):
We are currently