Cheapest transport I have used

Airplanes, trains, ferries, ships, luxury buses and rental cars. You must have travelled by most of them. Do you remember what was cheapest mode of transport you have used?
What made you travel by it and how was the experience?

Besides usual trains, autorickshaws and cabs, I used these modes of transport on a particular stretch for going to Lonar; mostly because the roads were cut off or submerged due to heavy rains and there was no other way to reach the place.

State buses in India mostly have free seating.The ratio of passengers vs. number of buses is quite bad and so as soon as any bus approaches, people juggle and fight for a possible seat or place in it.
Generally any outlet (excluding exhaust & gas) from the bus is used to get in and reserve your seat.

Standing, bemusing I wondered what tactic I should

Pariyon ka Talaab – Lake of Fairies

Pariyon ka Talaab, meaning the ‘Lake of Fairies’, lies near Shuli Bhanjan on way to Ellora from Aurangabad. On internet you’ll mostly find that the distance mentioned is 60 km but that’s a wrong information. I have visited it and my first hand information says it is at a distance of 25-30 kms north from Aurangabad.

The first thing you’ll notice about the place is its slight isolation and absolute calmness. It is somewhat deserted and is also not covered by many tourist buses/taxis. So not many people visit the place. But then I am not in those ‘many’ people. 🙂

A view of the lake from a window in mosque.

The complex is very