Delhi 101 – A review

Delhi 101 – A review
This book was sent to me sometime back by a blogger friend Ajay Jain for a review. I have been following all his travel stories since quite some years now when he had not written so many books. 🙂

In this book, Ajay writes about Delhi, his hometown, a city that he grew up in and continues to live. Having associated with Delhi myself, I wanted to know about the city through somebody else’s eyes.

Is it different from what I know of Delhi? Is it a one point reference book? Is it a detailed guide?
Well, no! None of them. But you’ll still find it a mix of these and interesting enough to browse through. I agree with the author that one can never write a complete book on Delhi; it has so many ever growing dimensions and layers laced with history that it is impossible to write about them in one single book.

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So, here’s a book that takes

Five travel books

Blogathon has a theme for today. And it is “My top 5 favorite books on writing are…”.

Well, I changed the theme slightly to suit me. 😉 I am going to write about five of the travel books that I possess. All these books are either won by me in different contests or have been gifted to me.

1. Roots – It is a story about an African American family that inspired pride and a greater understanding of the past. As the name suggests, it is a powerful look at an American family’s immigrant past. The book has earned a place among the popular classics of American literature and remains a profoundly influential and well-loved book.
2. Peep Peep don’t sleep – A funny book that is very similar to what I intend to write one day. It was my idea too but this book came up first. This book contains photos of funny but educative road signs from India.
3. Culture Shock ! Malaysia – Written in the form of a novel, this