Random travel related rants – I

You are excused to skip this post. These are my rants which I want to laugh at when I read them after 10-12 years from now.

•    I am not getting enough time or internet access to write longer posts. So what I am doing is writing only the titles and putting them in draft. That will remind me later of the topic. I have 52 drafts at this moment. 🙂
•   There are more mosquitoes in Malaysia than in Thailand. Remember ‘mujhe is jungle se bacahao’ ?
• Can you believe my own comment went into spam and I had to restore/approve it? All b’coz it contained a link.
•   Made a very good friend yesterday. 🙂
•   I am loving Thai food but my stomach is not agreeing with me.
•   I am totally

The things I am carrying

Celine has asked me what my backpack contains for this 48 days, 2 country solo trip.

Here is what I am taking with me. Since it’s backpacking, I am keeping things to minimum. (*wink*)

I am always very proud that being a woman, I can adorn many kind of dresses but when it comes to carry them on your back, I wish I was a guy. Just a few T-shirts & 2-3 shorts/jeans would have done. Compared to that, see what all I am carrying. 🙁

1. Jeans =1
2. Cargo pants

Fun of backpacking !

So, it’s on.
The air tickets were booked more than 5 months back. And that was it. Travel insurance and other paperwork was done last week and I am off……

I have started my 48 day solo backpacking trip to two countries and am in first leg of the journey. To tell you the truth, it wasn’t a great start. I would call it risky. On this later,  if I feel like writing here.

But I am told I am the first Indian female to go solo backpacking abroad ! Is that so? Then Yayy!! 😛

Since I wanted it to be a ‘backpacking’ trip, everything is on budget. I want to keep a tab on my expenses and later assess how much I saved.

First, I am flying on a frill free flight. That means I am not taking it from Mumbai but from a smaller place in some other state of India where I have never been before. Well, that also means taking a two night train to that place and checking into a hotel for the day and taking a cab at wee hours

My upcoming solo backpacking trip

Some of you are aware that I am going on a 48 days solo backpacking trip to 2 countries…. Two countries where language will be a big barrier. And I am going totally unprepared. A few months back I had booked just the to & fro air tickets and did nothing else after that.
And the time has come now.

After a few days in first country, I will be heading towards neighbouring country overland. This is interesting. Flying into any of the city there can get you a 30 day tourist visa at the airport itself but if you cross the border otherwise, you’ll get only 15 days visa on arrival.

My train will cross border at midnight. I am wondering if the immigration people will wake me up to see my visa papers (like they did when I was crossing into Italy) or wait till next stop which will be in that country. Will the train stop there long enough for visa papers to be made or do I have to get it done at my destination further down ? How do I show that I have enough finances to stay in that country? Will credit cards do?

Thousands of such queries and I am totally