Baarle : A short video

Before I continue from here to write more about Baarle, here is a short video to give you a clue how interesting this tiny town is.
You can also see the embossed map of previous post in this video.

Continue to read how weird is this town.
P.S.– The video is shot by V when he visited the town with one of his friends.
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8 thoughts on “Baarle : A short video

  1. This is amazing! I’ve heard about a house in Kerala where the main door opens to a municipality and the kitchen door opens to a panchayat. That’s nothing compared to Baarle. Wonder how they manage without chaos. 🙂

  2. @Bindhu,
    Where in Kerala? Let me go & visit the house. 😛

    Well, in Baarle they live peacefully without any fuss. Wait for my next post for more details. 🙂

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