Brussels, 5 offtrack things to do

Brussels, 5 offtrack things to do
Once you have done the run of the mill tour of Brussels, Capital of Belgium, covering, the pissing boy (Manneken pis), the Grand Place, the tapis de Fleur (once in two years), the Atomium, mini Europe and so on, if you still have some time, inclination and energy here are a few more interesting things you can do.

Beer Tasting – Before I went to Belgium the first time, I had been fed the information that Germans make the best beer. What with the multitude of Beer festivals, led by Oktoberfest, held there every year. I had the mis fortune of mentioning this to one of my contacts. He was visibly agitated and with great difficulty responded, Germans, they only make horse piss! Well I wanted to ask him, how did he know, but good sense prevailed and I did not ask. 🙂


Rue des Bouchers, Brussels.

Butchers’ street – Rue des Bouchers… Fortunately the butchers are long gone. What is left is a long narrow street lined with restaurants, hundreds of them. Their tables and chairs on the street. Almost no place to walk. Just 10 seconds off Grand Place. Great place if you like seafood. Of course we had to do with one of the very few Pizzerias there.

Scientastic Museum – For the scientifically inclined and of course children love this place. This is kind of hidden although just a stones throw away from Grand Place.
Go to the Bourse tram station and walk as if you are going to take a tram. While you are navigating the escalators, you will find that you have overshot the place as this museum mid way to the tram station but all underground. Suspended, so to say, between the tram station below and the streets above.

Numerous interactive models are there to explain science to kids and adults likewise!

North Station – North station is a railway station. This one is for my male readers. So what’s there you may ask. 🙂
On one side of the station you have a numerous windows with colored lights and girls in bikinis inviting prospective customers. Much like Amsterdam along the canal. 😛

Belgian Waffles – Have the freshly made Belgian waffle with chocolate syrup on top. Hmmmmm…yummmmyyy. Found at various places.

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12 thoughts on “Brussels, 5 offtrack things to do

  1. Good post – one of the things I want to do when I visit Brussels would be to do the Tintin related things. But I guess, your post title DID mention “OFFTRACK”, so Tintin gets excluded.

  2. Yogesh,
    Yes, Tintin. One post should be dedicated to him. Thanks for reminding me. 😀

    I agree with you but unfortunately that is a fact. That’s how the world is and we should accept it.

    I am sorry if you didn’t like it.

  3. I always prefer the off track things to do- you need to write a book about all the off track things to do in each country- I mean when my friends come to Singapore- and I take them to the places that only locals know about, they enjoy it so much more than when they do the typical “China Town”- Orchard Rd- Sentosa route

  4. Indian Bazars,
    Yes, almost similar… could be called as a variety of it.

    That’s a good idea! Will think about it. Where are you these days? I’ve been asking you this.

  5. This was interesting to read about. I love going to Brussels, so I will try some of these things the next time I am there. I do agree that Belgian beer is amazing. And I love the waffles in Brussels!

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