When V was in College, he had this incurable habit of trying to learn new languages. 😛
There were a lot of cultural centers of many countries that offered free courses (mostly by erstwhile people’s republics, if you know what I mean) on the weekends or evenings.

For no apparent reason he was drawn towards Bulgarian. I till now cant figure out why but it was most likely the name Sofia, Capital of Bulgaria. A beautiful name, you all will agree. It is another story that he eventually landed up learning Indonesian instead! 😀

An excavated church in Bulgaria.

Later when my sister visited Sofia, I was probably more excited than her and I boasted about my superior knowledge of the place, courtesy V. Of course I know better now and also political changes have made it an affordable travel destination, which gives you a glimpse of Europe at almost Asian costs. It is probably true for other Eastern European countries as well. I have posted a couple of articles in the past.

For example, an evening out in a restaurant or a bar in Bulgaria will cost half or lesser than in an equivalent setup in Western Europe.
They have a rich heritage of cooking and brewing. Do you remember, I had written about names of places attributed to food or drink?
Well, Bulgaria have their own too. E.g. Bulgarian Boza. Yup I am talking about booze again. 😀

Here is a question for you all.
“How is Bvlgari, the famous luxury ware and jewelery manufacturer related to Bulgaria” ?

By the way Zdrasti means Hi ! 😀
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12 thoughts on “Zdrasti!”

  1. Zdrasti nisha 2 ur question on Bvlgari is derived from the surname of the company’s Greek founder, Sotirio Voulgaris The trademark is usually written “BVLGARI” in the classical Latin alphabet (where V = English U) 🙂 my prize 🙂

  2. Was in a traffic accident just outside of Sofia. Oh my seriously is Bvlgari from Bulgaria?? Oh I just read the above comment so I understand the connection- how interesting- I never realized this before…often wondered about the spelling.

    I want to hear the rest of the story of how V learned Indonesian instead.

  3. i second Connie… want to know how V learned Indonesian! and btw, V should meet Shankar sometime… he too at one time wanted to learn as many languages as possible… but unfortunately, it didnt work out!

  4. @Anu,
    Will request V to answer that one.
    Yes, we should make them meet each other. Let’s plan sometime.

    V has to answer this one. I have no idea. 🙂

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