Confusing numbers in Prague

Baarle is obviously not the only city which is strange. Looking around, there are so many more. Here is another confusing city, not because of the confounding border issues but one that’s created by the city governance.
Of course these are not the only reasons for Prague to be a tourist destination.

Astronomical clock

There are Castles, Churches, old bridges, modern buildings, Museums, Zoo and astronomical clocks too. The list is endless.
Prague is one of the oldest settlements in the history of Humans… as old as the Paleolithic era. That’s quite old! Of course the places to eat in Prague are not that old. 😛

Coming back to the confusion created by man.
There are 10 districts in the old system.

Ten districts of Prague

‘so what of it’ you will say. That’s good old decimal system!
The districts are numbered 1 to 10. Now the old districts have been broken up into more new districts and they have retained the old number as well. To confuse further a new district may fall in 2 or more of the old districts. Phew!

Who put these city planners there?
So eventually many buildings ended up displaying both old and new number. Why can’t they have sensible thinking? Adapting the new but can not let go old?
When I came to know about it I was immediately transported to our own Chennai, where you will frequently see both old and new numbers displayed in some colonies. It’s so confusing out there.

Many of you will remember the country Czeckoslovakia itself was split into Czech and Slovakia! 🙂
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7 thoughts on “Confusing numbers in Prague”

  1. I remember when we first moved to Chennai we just couldn’t get over the fact that we were going to have to deal with addresses that went …”Old no.21, New no.87″ In the three years that we were there, we struggled with this and didn’t even know whom to NOT forgive!

  2. @Indian Bazaars:
    I still find it ridiculous whenever I visit the city. Why can’t they decide and give people say 6 months’ time & then do away with the old nos?
    It is possible I know.

  3. This would be very confusing!!! Isn’t it just like us humans though? Always not willing to give up the old but still wanting to hold on to the new.

    BTW, I got the interview up- for some reason it was so hard- kept having error readings and even now the color scheme is not what I wanted- but alas, just have to go with it :)…I hope the comment thing gets worked out, I have no idea why it is doing that- must be something up with blogspot.

  4. Prague is beautiful, but it really is confusing! I’m actually planning a post on that later this month. Look forward to reading about your journeys during the Blogathon!

  5. Nicole/MadlabPost

    I reckon that those districts would make some places confusing to visit in Prague. I hope not though because Prague would be a place I would like to visit, if only for just once to check out the architecture and history. Where you mentioned Czech and Slovakia, is “Czech” the same as the Czech Republic?

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