Mont Blanc

Amongst all memories of Geneva, Switzerland, I have 3 distinct ones.
One is witnessing Jet d’eau (literally jet of water, a fountain in the middle of Geneva lake (or Lac Leman), day in and day out, sometimes going on the walk way right up to the fountain or walk along the lake drinking in the beauty. Another is the huge flower clock.

And the third memory is of Mont Blanc (no, not the pen :)). I am talking about the highest mountain peak in Alps, at which we looked longingly, every day from Palais des Nations which houses the United Nations (UNO) in Geneva.

At every opportunity we would go to the garden side and gaze at Mont Blanc, which I could never get enough of it. If weather was good then we could see the white peak at a distance beyond the La Saleve. We friends would make countless plans to visit Chamonix, in France, a small town that nestles beneath Mont Blanc and try our hand at skiing.

You can see snow capped peaks of Alps including Mont Blanc.

This was just an hour or so drive from Geneva and was probably the right choice for us considering its proximity. Chamonix was supposed to have the right slopes for all skill levels, from beginners to experts. And after you finish your quota of skiing, relax in any of the bars and over 100 restaurants; after sundown this town comes to life.

Eventually we went to Montana in Switzerland to learn Skiing, great for learners, but then, that’s a separate story. 🙂

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