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If you are unmarried, don’t forget to wake up early on the 1st of May and wash your face with dew drops.
Yup, it is an old-wives-tale of Malta that if you do it then you will meet your future wife or husband soon. 😀

As usual I was researching Mediterranean region on my World Map; I came across this word Malta and there was mere a dot (had to use a lens to see it ;)) to depict its place in the map. I knew it was a country of some sort but never knew it to be in the Med.

So I decided to deep dive into it!

Malta is probably the smallest island country in the world. Situated south of Sicily, it is just over 27 KM long and about 15 KM wide. Of course what interests me more is its 200km shore line. I am, reminded of my travels to Penang or Koh Lanta, which obviously are bigger & in no time one can go from one end to another.

Since English is one of the official languages, it is all the more an incentive for me to add it to my list. Whether it will make it to my bucket list, only time can tell. 🙂

It is interesting to note that this island was inhabited as early as 5000BC, while Mount Etna spewed its contents on Italy and various civilizations around the world were taking shape. Some old temples still stand, albeit in ruins, as a witness to the happenings in Malta.
Over the centuries Maltese have been ruled by various empires, hence I believe one would get to see evidences of each of these empires. There is enough of history to soak in. Malta is also one of the best places to dive all year round, if you are the adventurous kind.

Visa requirements are similar as any other European Countries. In fact Malta is part of Schengen and currency used is Euros. Makes it all the more easier to access. In fact, India is one of the few places in the world where Malta has its own consulate ! In most other countries it operates via another European country.

Getting around in Malta is not so difficult with its short distances… i.e. you could get yourself a car on rent with driving on the left like in India. Alternately you could travel in their public buses, also similar to India in the sense that the doors are open through the journey.
Depending upon your plan and budget you can stay at any of the Hotels, Inns or B & B establishments. However, many good quality hotels are found in Valletta, the capital. Should I call it a city or town since it is only 0.8 Sq Km in size? 🙂

Since I am not doing any of the above at the moment I am content with just enjoying our own version of Malta, which looks similar to oranges but a lot sweeter. 😛
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