In search of Polar bears …

Poland calling me…

In a few hours I will be at the airport on my way to Poland on an invitation from Tourism board of Poland. It’s my first visit there and I am excited.


I am sure there would be more colors than this white.

It is not that I had never heard of this country before. I can recount my introduction to Poland.

The pictorial stories I had read when I was 5-6 years old, showed Poland with white snow. I always thought Polar bears lived in Poland and wondered who’d go to Poland, it’s such a cold country.
I had my own logic to think so. The white color of bears matched with white snow and ‘Polar’ & ‘Poland’ sounded similar. Fortunately my understanding was cleared as the time passed. 🙂 I started liking all the places and colder places as well; Poland was included in my list. In fact every single place is in my list ! 😀

In 1998 I read Kane and Abel by Jeffery Archer. And I have read this book many times since then. That book refueled my desire to visit & see this ‘white’ country but it never happened.

The weather reports show the max. temperature in Poland is 5 degrees (only on one day) and on rest of the days it is even less, minimum temperature plummeting to sub zero.
But then I have lived in Europe… have felt tender snowflakes on my face… have walked on snowy pathways, have dealt with hailstorms and have celebrated Christmas, Easter and all the seasons. I am mentally prepared if not physically.

So, I am off to Poland in search of ‘Polar bears’. See ya next week.

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  2. Yes, Nisha – hope we meet soon or even better, travel together this year! Things still not good at home, am shuttling between Bgl and Chennai. Happy new year to you 🙂

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