Let us go south to reach West!

My fascination for the Mediterranean region has always been aeonian. I feel a bit of bonding. Probably because the civilization have existed for eons…. maybe as old as in India.

However I am going to talk about a small region or a district of Portugal, which is on Atlantic but is more Mediterranean when you see the weather or culture.

Yup! I am talking about Algarve. Algarve is the southern most region of Portugal (Faro is the correct political name of this district).

For people who want to visit Algarve you will definitely find the regular Mediterranean fare, sunny weather, clean beaches but offers shades as well in the form of huge rocks, 😉 excellent night life, laid back approach etc.
In addition, for shopaholics amongst us, exquisitely designed Ceramic works are manufactured here. Much like Khurja in India.

Then what is it all this title about reaching west while travelling south?

The fact is historical, which the people at large may have forgotten.

The name Algarve is evolved from the Arabic word for West which is Al Gharb. I will not go into details of why Arabic word was used in the first place 🙂 . It’s a long history spanning several centuries.

6 thoughts on “Let us go south to reach West!

  1. See – I learn something new each time I come to your blog 🙂 Yet another country I have NOT visited…so many countries…so little time 🙂 right?

  2. I’m with Connie, I learn every time I drop by here. I just don’t comment much. Anyway it would have been better though if there were photos! 🙂

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