What happens when …

What happens when you ride the Moscow Mule ?

We all have seen people ride horses and some of us have first hand experience of having done so. On the other there are few people who have ridden an ass or for that matter a Mule. Have you ever ridden one ?

I did once.
You get such a kick, not just on the backside, but allover. 🙂 And you get the best one by a three legged Mule.
But I am reasonably sure that Moscow Mule cannot be found in Moscow!

Ha Ha.. By now you might be wondering whether I have lost it. 😛
Here is an explanation.

Many times names of food preparations and drinks are attributed to various countries. e.g. Champagne, the bubbly from the French Region named Champagne, Vienna Sausage, Yorkshire Pudding, Cheddar Cheese, Frankfurters (also called hot-dog in the US ) and so on.

On the other hand there are stuff which don’t have anything to do with the place they are named after. e.g French Fries (originated in Belgium probably), Hamburger (in US) and….. Moscow Mule.

Moscow mule is a cocktail made with Vodka, Ginger ale and lemon served in a copper cup. And for the three legged variety, just add a shot of Irish Whiskey. It was born and named in the US, with the perception that Vodka is Russian. 🙂

Now you know how I got a kick? 😉
So if you are planning to visit and find an accommodation in Moscow, then reason should be Kremlin and the various other architectural and cultural marvels and not for Moscow Mule. (definitely not a Molotov Cocktail)

Hi, Can I have shot of Molotov cocktail please? ………Ooops.

P.S.- Can you think of any other names of drinks or food attributed to place names rightly or wrongly?

Pic courtesy: cocktails.wikia.com
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7 thoughts on “What happens when …

  1. You really had me guessing- I was like “what…a mule…a three legged mule??” ha ha!!

    How about Yorkshire Pudding- is it really from Yorkshire?? I know the Singapore Sling originated in Singapore- I’m trying to think of some other foods named after places or attributed to places- but can’t think of them off hand.

  2. @Connie,
    Ha Ha… 😀

    Yes, Yorkshire pudding & Singapore Sling are originated from their original names.

    Don’t you think these names make some interesting stories? I always try to see some. 🙂

  3. Interesting…

    Prompted me to write this, Cities named after food!

    In California there’s a city named Sandwich.

    (US always seems to be in shortage of names of places)

    We all have heard of Buffalo and of course Turkey.

    Here is a couple which dont mean what they say.

    Bombay Duck is in fact a fish
    and Buffalo wings is actually chicken wings!

    I guess Humans are crazy 🙂

  4. @Neeraj,
    Singapore noodles? How are they different from ordinary noodles? 🙂

    That’s a long list !

    Hope the same for you too!

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