Things to do in Slovenia

Remember my 3 female friends who love to paint towns red? 🙂
This is their account into the first of their foray into East European Countries.

First, one of us, C, wanted to know why is Slovenia an East European Country. This is south of Austria (separated by the Alps) which is deemed to be a West European Country. No one knows probably or is it too political to talk about it? Maybe the readers can help.

Slovenia is part of the area called the Balkans and was part of erstwhile Yugoslavia before it claimed independence after one of the shortest of the wars. However we were excited to visit places which were significantly different from Western Europe.

With more than the usual quota of questions and uncertainties we landed at Ljubljana, the capital and found that not many people spoke English. Amongst us we knew about 4 languages and unfortunately Slovene was not one of them. 🙂
We knew our holiday in Slovenia was going to be tough.

After a lot of miming and nodding heads we somehow managed to find a bus that would take us to the city. It was a pleasant comfortable 45 minutes journey to the city centre. We found that most places, buildings bore the mark of it being a European country.
While discussing our plans with the Hotel guy, who spoke a bit of English and a lot of Italian (one of us could manage a few phrases of Italian), we found that the best way to move around was by using the city bus or better still, biking. What struck us was the fact that there were lot of people on bikes. We didn’t know that Slovenia is the 3rd most forested area in Europe. No wonder it is the best place for hiking.

After the usual touristic itinerary which included a visit to the Castle, traveling by a funicular, we wanted to know what the night offered us girls. Oh, yeah! 😉
Ljubljana, probably not yet on the party map of Europe, have their own places where you can let your hair down. However we found the series of bars and restaurants that are scattered along the river to be our quench-place for the evening.

Tomorrow we plan to go to the small beaches, just 50 + KM of coastline on the Adriatic sea. (that answers why people speak Italian). We believe there are topless places out there. 😉
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4 thoughts on “Things to do in Slovenia

  1. Lovely!!! I know what you mean about the miming to be understood :)…been there…done that! :)…will look forward to hearing of the visit to the beach- hopefully NOT the topless one though. 😉

  2. @Connie,
    Yeah, hoping the story will come up soon.

    You bet !
    Same here. I don’t want to rush into things just to check the boxes in my list.

  3. I am surprised you say it was hard navigating in slovenia… both in ljub and Bled, found a lot of people who spoke english… more so than say Czech or Slovkia. but yes, although they were a part of communist, i think they escaped the worst, and it is evident i think in the city, and even people who are not weighed down by that part of their history.

    BTW, i’ve heard it is quite a party town, cos of being a university city.. but i didnt check ut that scene, so don’t know.

    Miss Europe already.

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