Adios Spain !

Dear Spain,

Thank you very much for everything you did to me. You have succeeded in leaving a long lasting impression on me. Your Tourism Board invited me to Spain to see some of your World Heritage Sites. To support you Turkish Airlines not only sponsored the flights but upgraded me to business class.

Spain, you welcomed me in Madrid with open arms and rain lashes. I enjoyed wet Madrid and when I reached Avila, the second stop, it was still raining and cold. But soon a bright sunny day greeted me.

Avila has become my favourite place in Spain. A quaint charming place where I would love to come back again & again.

Next was Segovia and it was another quaint world heritage town which I’ll remember for long time. Spain, I am lost in your churches and castles.

Today we reached Alcala De Henares, an University town and as I write this sitting quietly in my room in Parodores Hotel, I am sad. Sad, because I am leaving you so soon. My luggage is all scattered in the room and how I wish I did not have to pack anything !

Dear Spain, tomorrow I leave you and head towards my home country. I know Turkish Airlines will take every care to make me comfortable. Back home, they are eager & excited to hear about you.

With heavy heart, I thank you Spain, for your warm hospitality and all the delicacies that you fed me.

But remember, I’ll come again.
Till then Adios !

Take care, see you soon.

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