Balearic Islands – Ibiza

Continuing with the escapades of my 3 friends as they explore Ibiza.

While in Mallorca we had heard a lot about and planned meticulously as to our activities in Ibiza. We knew it was going to be expensive. After all Ibiza is the party capital of the world!

We had booked at one of the clubs for the evening. It was expensive but not the most expensive. Also, lean season got us some great deals. The peak season is from May to September when you may be fleeced 😉

Ibiza beach When we landed at Ibiza it was still late noon. We were told no one hits the club before midnight. This was January and not warm at nights. But then who cares.

First thing that we noticed was that it was quite similar to Mallorca and almost immediately it also hit us; that is where the similarity ended. There were very few families with kids. Almost all tourists were either couples or small groups of young and old adults. We saw some sleek power boats and luxurious yachts but the beaches were almost deserted.

We were also surprised to learn that large portions of the island are registered as UN World Heritage Site. I am sure clubbing is not the reason!

We had been alerted of the high prices in many of the clubs, so we decided to help ourselves to some drinks and food in a small inexpensive place before moving towards the club. Most clubs are engaged by external promoters in summer nights and then they bring in their own décor, theme and genre of music.

We were a little early at the club “Pacha” and found ourselves chatting with a hunk who was also the barman. He mentioned that he was from Marbella which is down south on the mainland Spain and that if we had time we should definitely visit it. He said the club scene was as good or some times even better in Marbella and during summer there were exclusive non stop parties which spilled over multiple days on board the fancy yachts. Oh ye, we had seen them while they travelled from Ibiza to Marbella (more info on Marbella here).

By this time the club had started filling up, the music had increased in tempo and volume both. We decided to think and talk about Marbella later. 😉
First things first. Marbella will have to wait!

We had a fantastic time enjoying the music, drinks and danced till we dropped dead (well, almost). Fortunately our hotel in Ibiza town was just 20 minutes by walking. None of us really realized how we reached it.

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4 thoughts on “Balearic Islands – Ibiza

  1. How interesting. It is amazing all the different places there are on earth- and what makes them popular! Loved the pic- and can’t wait to hear more. (read more)

  2. @SM,
    Thank you.
    We get to know many new things everyday. 🙂

    Yeah, the part was & should have been wild.

    Yes yes. More is coming soon. 😛

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