Balearic Islands

A few days back a friend called me up and excitedly told she had just returned from the Balearic Islands.
I had no clue where on the earth was this. When I asked her, she told me Balearic Islands is a group of 4 islands named Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera, under Spanish governance on the Mediterranean sea.
God! I have always wanted to go to the Mediterranean islands and coastal towns; don’t know how long I’ll have to wait. For the time being here is an account of my friend’s experience, in first person, during her travel to this archipelago. She has promised to send photos later.
We were a group of 3 traveling length and breadth of Europe. Not the right season to be visiting Europe, most of Europe was cold and we were getting depressed. Just then someone pointed out the obvious, why not a trip to the Mediterranean.
So we started poring over the maps. I suggested Ibiza, some one else said Majorca and so we decide to visit all the islands, if possible. Main reason for considering was that we were in France and had already planned to go to Barcelona.

Majorca or as the locals call it, Mallorca can be reached by many ferries from Barcelona.
The main port at Mallorca is Palma. It took us over seven hours in the seas, all in the night. There were sleeping cabins available, but we took the armchairs instead, which were pretty comfortable.
We were told that during peak seasons more chairs and sofas would be installed to accommodate extra passengers! You could drive in with your car, as is true in most of the European ferries. (Of course you cannot stay in your car), it goes into the hold below.

Next morning at Palma we lounged and lazed around most of the day as the weather in Mallorca was good. Good food is also not a problem; there are many sea side restaurants, especially if you are a sea food lover. However you do get other international cuisines also.

All people speak Spanish and Catalan. Being a tourist place a lot of them do speak a smattering of English as well. A not to be missed, which we missed, is the Pirates Adventure Show.
Next day we moved on to Ibiza.

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14 thoughts on “Balearic Islands”

  1. Amazing!!! I had never heard of these islands- how delightful. Oh man, see – no matter how old we are there are still places we haven’t seen or been to….sooo much to see, sooo little time!!! 🙂

    When will you come and visit me here?

  2. @Connie:
    Yup, very true! I wonder how much I can travel before I sleep. There is so much to see & experience.

    I haven’t been there. 😀

  3. @Zhu:
    Airfare is cheap?
    I am thinking of combining this with Spain… errr… whenever that happens.

    Yes, so much to explore and so little time. 🙂

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  5. Balearic Islands are too beautiful to be unknown!

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    And to make sure you’ll have all the information you need, just have a look on the online touristic guide.

    You will love these islands!

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