Flying to Spain !

Flying to Spain !

Tonight I fly to Spain once again. The beautiful country of Flamenco dance, Bull fights, La Tomatina and irresistible beaches and finger licking food has something to keep me awestruck forever. I can’t get enough of it. There is so much to share & soak in. I still have many articles to write from my earlier trips.
I’ve been invited by Tourism Spain and I am overwhelmed. I’ll be visiting beautiful Andalucia region….Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba et al.
The first stop in Spain is Madrid.

Museu de Lleida

Last time when I was in Madrid, it was raining continuously but it could not deter me from enjoying the place. This time looking forward to the summer of Madrid.

Rest when I reach there. Till then I leave you with a view of Real Madrid Soccer stadium which I had visited in year 2012. You can see more pictures from that trip here.

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17 thoughts on “Flying to Spain !

  1. Aah, The picture of my favorite football team.
    Its my dream to visit Madrid once to see CR and Madrid.
    Kudos Nisha. Waiting to see more pics of your spain visit.

  2. Wow! too cool! Looking forward to your travel notes – and an anecdote on how you got invited by tourism spain would be something I’d love to read – hope you will oblige.

  3. Krishna,
    Thank you.

    The photo feature is up on the blog now. 🙂

    BTW, do you follow my Facebook page? If not, you are missing many things. 🙂

  4. Wow…Spain is so awesome place..and you are actually living your life I would say. Roaming around the world is just the best thing one could do.

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