I Taut I taw a puddy tat

I Taut I taw a puddy tat ! 😛
Remember the cute little naughty golden canary named Tweety and the cat Sylvester? During my younger days I have read and watched this Cartoon and enjoyed them no end.
Then one day in school we “discovered” a group of islands named the Canary Islands. Since then I had always imagined this place to be exotic with canaries of every hue and was always reminded of Canary Islands every time I read or saw Tweetie.

As a child we always paint colorful and larger than life pictures in our mind’s canvas and more times than I would care to admit, the reality is not as rosy when you do visit the place in your adulthood.
It was only much later I realized that the place did not get the name from the bird but it was the bird who got its name from the place. 🙁
And I am told there are not so many varieties of Canary bird in this group of islands after all.

Pic courtesy: lide.uhk.cz

Canary Islands is off the west coast of Africa but is part of Spain and is still exotic and adventurous too, if you don’t mind the couple of active volcanoes. In case if you do, then it does become a bit more adventurous. 🙂
Earlier I had recounted my friends’ story during their trip to the Balearic Islands in general and about Ibiza, Spain in particular and had also written about their way of life which is mostly partying and about Ibiza’s restaurants, Hotels and such.

Many times the small islands are more exotic and adventurous than the large populous ones.
I have a fixation. I start comparing. Now here I have 2 sets of Islands, both part of Spain, albeit separated by a continent!

Canaray Islands decidedly offers more for the adventurous unless you consider, having a spat with local bouncer in Ibiza as adventure. 😛
The archipelago is made of 7 islands. The largest is Tenerife which is the most populous and being so, offers a range of accommodation. Here is where you land up apparently as one of the 5 million tourists who visit there every year. And hence Tenerife hotels are probably the best within the Canary Islands.
It is home to rich and varied flora and fauna. In comparison Ibiza’s fauna are mainly half clad tourists! Even the wall lizards in Tenerife is more beautiful. 😛

Another special thing about Canary Islands, is that the capital of this autonomous body is shared across 2 islands, Santa Cruz of Tenerife and Las Palmas of Gran Canaria.

Similarity with the Balearics… Tourism is the main bread and butter of the people here and of course, the Climate.

Will Tenerife make it to my bucket list? Don’t know. Will it make to be a World Heritage Site? Probably yes.

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14 thoughts on “I Taut I taw a puddy tat

  1. lets make it into our bucket list – what say ? I used to read a lot of Sylvestor and Tweety too as a kid and watch the cartoons

  2. i used to love the sylvester- tweety cartoons, and so does samhith!! whether i will ever get to visit the canary islands, is another matter 🙁

  3. Lol @ Canaray Islands decidedly offers more for the adventurous unless you consider, having a spat with local bouncer in Ibiza as adventure.
    There is no doubt about CIs being a popular tourist destination ,if i ever get a chance i would love to visit .Thanks for the post and i loved the post title 🙂 🙂
    I still enjoy Tweety cartoons .

  4. @Lakshmi,
    Done !
    I don’t think I’ve told you that Cartoon network is one of my favourite channels? 😛

    Read my reply to Lakshmi. Oh, When are we going to grow? 😀

  5. Who can possibly forget Tweety and the cat Sylvester, not me. Somehow the name is poetic, Canary, and I did think, at one time that is, that the islands of the same name were inhabited by the Canay, so much imagination 🙂

    It looks surreal in this picture.

  6. @Prashanth,
    Even I am a big fan of Tom & Jerry but this post was for Canaries. 😀

    We all are good at imagining & fantasizing things. 🙂

    Yup, I think so.

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