Sky in Avila

I have come back from a wonderful trip to Spain. Starting from Madrid we visited 4 cities and must say all the four of them took my breath away.
However, Avila became my favourite place in Spain. A quaint charming place where I would love to come back again & again. Here is a photo to show you a lovely sky and a small part of the town from the fort.

sky in Avila

Lovely sky from the fort.

More on this town later.

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13 thoughts on “Sky in Avila

  1. Years ago, when Franco was yet alive, my wife and I went to Spain and took the train from Madrid to the northwest town of La Coruña and on the way at night we passed Avila. It was our first trip abroad and we wanted to miss nothing and so stayed up all night looking out the window of our second-class carriage, even if it was only dark countryside, and we were rewarded with the sight of Avila with its medieval walls lit up by floodlights.

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