Spain, I am coming to you!

Starting tomorrow I am off to Spain again. On invitation from Tourism boards of Spain & Barcelona.

First stop is Barcelona, then to Girona, Tarragona and other neighboring places. In between we head to Ibiza.

flamenco dancer

While the team will return as scheduled, I’ll stay back for a few more days….. solo backpacking and exploring the little known gems of the country. And that is really my kind of travel … totally on my own, taking public transport, eating at little cafes or eateries, observing locals, walking through the alleys, and enjoying my solitude. 🙂

Stay tuned, a lot more coming your way. Though the schedule is very tight, I’ll try to blog on some days.
And you can always check my Facebook travel page and Twitter for latest updates, photos & little tit-bits which don’t make it here.
You can also check my album of Spain on Facebook.

Till then Adiós.

6 thoughts on “Spain, I am coming to you!

  1. आप बडी तकदीर लेकर जन्मे हो। स्पेन के बारे में और अधिक आपकी कलम से जानने को मन करता है।

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