Third Impression of Spain !

Third Impression of Spain !

Don’t raise your eyebrows over this title. It was my third visit to this beautiful country and hence my third impression. 🙂
The more I think I got a hang of this amazing country, the more it surprises me. It was no different this time.
On this trip I visited Andalucía region… Sevilla, Granada, Córdoba, Málaga et al.


To most of us, Spain means just two names, Barcelona and Madrid. Believe me, there is so much more beyond these two cities and soccer that we don’t know about. If you remember, last year I backpacked to small little towns in Catalan region and they were charismatic.

Andalucía has multiple faces and while you are there, the questions that pop up in your mind are as intriguing as the answers.

— Why do they have thousands of orange trees laden with fruits, yet nobody plucks them?
— Oh! Hippies still live in caves?
— Who first concocted Flamenco and how? (Flamenco originates from Andalucía).
— How do they do business if the whole town offers free Tapas?
— What on earth inspired to build the magnificent Alhambra?
— Why the houses are white?
— Snow skiing in swimsuit?

There are many such puzzles which make Andalucía a never-ending mystery. Wait for my stories about them.

Now I leave you with a few photos for a glimpse of what I am talking about. Read the captions as well.

bull ring

The ring is ready for bull fight. Bring them on!

flowers in cordoba

How on earth they water these plants?

street antequera spain

Village street in Antequera

Puerto Banus

A sunny afternoon in Puerto Banus

Spain's most photographed street

Spain’s most photographed street

women seville

Beautiful women in Feria

Seville at night

Seville at night…. by the River Guadalquivir

food in spain

Last but not the least… awesome food.

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22 thoughts on “Third Impression of Spain !

  1. and What an impression!
    I guess these pictures are the summary of your trip. Waiting for the details with abated breath.

  2. What a beautiful place ! Look at those streets and building 🙂

    But the portion of food in the plate was a little less, will not be sufficient for someone like me 😛

  3. Purnendu,
    Spain is one of those beautiful countries that never ceases to amaze you.

    For your kind information, this was just a desert. 😀

    Spanish people eat huge portions and they serve the same. My weight gain ratio is 1.5 – 2 Kg for every 6 days in Spain. 😛

  4. Manasa,
    Great to see you again. 🙂

    Souvenirs are coming….slowly…. Too much of travel happened in last 2 months, so yes, should talk about souvenirs as well.
    Probably I should again start saying ‘No’.

  5. Hi Nisha,

    Lovely pics. Like your spirit.
    Want to travel with you.
    Have traveled to 10 countries.
    Lived in 4 foreign countries – USA, Russia, Malaysia.
    Have 100s of pics taken from 1974 on wards.
    Mail me for more @ sstvelu at gmail

    Thanks & Regards

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