A garden with a difference

The other day I was helping my friend plan an itinerary of his honeymoon in Switzerland. He had some constraints such as no. of days, budget and also, he had a friend in Switzerland with whom he wanted to spend sometime on the only weekend available. So after discussing quite a few things we finalized the places to be seen and also the route.

While doing that I promised him to write some more posts on Switzerland. Though I’ll not to, but if you find an overdose of Europe here in next one month or so, blame him not me. 🙂

I’ll not speak about the tourist places alone but something about how I lived and breathed the place. How I enjoyed or hated it. The small anecdotes with even smaller details.

I’ll start with Geneva.
After initial settling down I had become friends with an Indian family. On some Sundays we used to meet for lunch. Once they invited me to a strawberry garden. I was bemused. 🙂

Only after reaching there I came to know it was a garden with a difference. You could eat as much strawberries as you can. Yes, this was a place where you could eat the produce to your heart’s content without shelling out a single penny ! I must say, it was fun plucking fresh strawberries, filling your tummy and watching so many others involved in the same activity. 😀

Only condition, you can not take it home. You have to eat there itself. Do you think I was a bit covetous ? 😛

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