Let’s play chess !

In Geneva, whether it is a park, swimming pool, or any other public place.. .. you can find many large sized chess boards painted on the ground and people engrossed in playing chess.
I have seen this in other countries as well but this is about Geneva.

I always wonder why can not we have such playful outlets in our country and more so what will happen if even we have some. How long we are going to enjoy them or maintain them. Your inputs ?

P.S.- I am traveling and away from blogging. These posts are scheduled. Will try to come online for sometime to moderate/reply to comments.

8 thoughts on “Let’s play chess !

  1. Among the many things unique and nice in Europe. While in India, these are luxuries that will never find their way up the pirority list of town authorities, the US cities aren’t built for community interactions.

  2. Chess is so much trickier in this giant form than normal form. A different skill. Popular in Budapest too and lots of other European parks.

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