Home sweet home!

It feels good to be back to one’s warm and comfort zone but it’s also so shameful to hear the horrendous news of a medical student being gang raped in a moving bus in our own capital. Things like this make me so small. I’ve written it before and I repeat it here, many times on foreign land people are not happy if I tell them that I am an Indian. It’s that bad and it’s such a shame!

Coming back to travel …. this year I travelled a lot. I will have to assess how much but I guess my visits to & fro airport happened almost every month! Add a few train journeys and road trips to that. There are many things pending… few assignments, some decisions and a few more crying for my attention.
On blogging front, well, you can judge by the fact that I am yet to start writing about my valley of flowers trip which had happened during monsoons! 🙁

Lugano @lemonicks.com

Now that the year is nearly over, plans have to be made, at least have to be thought over, funds have to be looked at, for foreign trips next year. Where will I go? I have absolutely no idea though my bucket list is growing at regular pace and some in the list are sitting since over a decade!

First, I am missing Europe. Dearly. The snow covered roads, the Alps, the green lustrous landscapes, chocolates, cheese and ….. uff… I havn’t been there for a few years and had it not been an invitation from Spain, this year too would have passed without a visit to Europe.

So, I would like to have an Europe tour again. Should I visit the countries which I haven’t been to or should I revisit some which have been my favourites? Hard decision to take.
Maybe a few weeks in eastern Europe, or is it to the countries where my friends are. Whatever it is I know for sure that no travel agent can customize a Europe tour package for me!

On homefront, this year also I want to go in all the four directions… east, west, north & south and yes, to the centre as well!
Yes, greedy I am. 😛

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2 thoughts on “Home sweet home!

  1. Wow!

    Do let all your readers know if the plan. I guess it will take about a year to cover all directions 🙂

    I have been to Europe but only to France and UK. It will be nice to see your posts.

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