Learning to Ski, Getting better!

Time has come now for me to talk about our Ski Holiday!

Remember I had once written about Mont Blanc and I had promised that I would one day write about our own little ski experience? R, who’d been in Bern longer, suggested why not go to Switzerland’s own ski resorts and suggested we go to Zermatt.

Zermatt boasts of being one of the nearest towns to Matterhorn, the highest mountain peak in Switzerland (one side of the ridge is Italy). It is a small town where you can access it by train but are fined if you use your own vehicles. 😉 It is one of the few mountain towns which has banned petrol/diesel vehicles and only battery operated vehicles are allowed in addition to horse carts. It reminded me of our own Matheran where vehicles are not allowed. There of course, the similarity ends 🙂

The question was did we have enough days to take this holiday in Switzerland? The answer was, we will do it on our own. We decided against the use of travel agents, even though R suggested one.

learning to ski getting better Alps mountain @lemonicks.com

White expanse of Alps.

We arrived there duly on the appointed day and got off our train expectantly. We wanted to hit the slopes straight away. When we got on to the streets, there was only one view. That of the breath taking Matterhorn . We asked around and were offered choices amongst 4 skiing locations. Not knowing enough we randomly picked Gornergrat and travelled via a small train and the omnipresent cable car to the slopes.

The view was breath taking. The place was crowded with skiers of all ages. … and the slopes…. looked frightening! There was no way anyone was going to persuade me to slide down these. Except for one, all of us were green behind the ears. (Greenhorns in Matterhorn Ha ha).

The regular amongst us went off and we were trying to locate a suitable learner slope which did not appear to be there at all. We were to know later beginners normally did not go these slopes. We sat around at the restaurant shamefacedly drinking vin chaud. We were already making plans to go to Crans-Montana the following week end as we were assured by the good folks at Zermatt that was the place for beginners.
We arrived at Montana the next weekend, which is also, like Zermatt, located in the canton of Valais. Probably not very popular, it was not much crowded.

When we took the cable car to the first level we could see a lot of easy slopes, man, this was the place. They had earmarked place for learners as well. My colleague who could ski well, took to teaching us the basics.

Initially I had a tough time balancing but later the problem was how to stop. 😀

It took a while for us to master the basics. A great enjoyable week end came to an end. This was one of the very few times when I have visited a place but not explored it properly.
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  1. For a long time been plannnig to take my family along to europe particularly Paris and Swiss. How do you thing it would be to do it without a package tour. Nice Pic!

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