Lugano – Dreams do come true !

Jaipur se gaadi nikli, dilli chali halle-halle” If you happen to remember this quite old song from a Rishi Kapoor/Sridevi starrer then probably you know what I want to say.
Sorry I was young then, don’t remember the name of this movie. I would appreciate if someone helps me getting the song. Ever since I saw this song on television, I had fallen in love with that place and wanted to go there. I had a dream… to visit the place where they have such small working models of running trains with small sized stations, small ships… everything small, just like a dolls play house.

Then Lugano happened. I didn’t know one day my dream would come true. 🙂 🙂

Lugano was a two day trip. Two bus loads of Indians with families and kids were set out to explore and admire the natural beauty of CH (Switzerland). From now on I’ll refer to Switzerland as CH.

Lugano is in south east of Switzerland, almost inside the Italian territory of Switzerland. Please refer to the map provided. Needless to say official language is Swiss-Italian and most commonly eaten food is Italian.

There is a famous lake Lugano. Part of the eastern arm of Lake Lugano is in Italy, but most of the lake is in Switzerland and that division of lake gave me goosebumps again. The road ran right alongside the lake and went through a couple of tunnels. We crossed the border between two tunnels in a narrow space between the lake and the mountains, and then we were in Switzerland again.

We reached there by late afternoon. The town is wonderful, just beautiful… built around the edge of the lake with mountains in every direction. After having our food, we set for the famous lake Lugano.

A promenade runs around the end of the lake for a couple of miles—flowers everywhere, with masses of tulips in full bloom. Ferries traveled around the lake and there were other kinds of boats for rent—even paddle boats.

After that adventurous sailing experience of St. Gallen, I was in no mood to go for any but others were quite enthusiast. They hired a full boat & made it a point not to travel to Italian side of the lake. And so I had a good time there in the quiet and serene waters of Lake Lugano. We also had our dinner on the boat. 🙂

Next day was reserved for my childhood dream. It was amazing experience for me. First time in my life I had seen such mini working model of a whole country !!

Swissminiatur or mini-Switzerland is an open air museum where you can admire beautifully-made models of many famous and important Swiss landmarks and means of transportation at a scale of 1:25. Inside ”Miniswiss” you can find not only more than 120 models representing the patrician houses, the most important castles and cathedrals in Switzerland, but also 3500 meters of rails with no less than 18 trains, train stations, funiculars, rack-railways, cable cars and boats in motion. Also mountains, lakes, even airports and factories !!

It was a fascinating sight to watch. We followed a little path around the 2.5 acre exhibition. Everything was just beautifully landscaped and there were two miles of train tracks. A variety of trains ran along the tracks, crossed bridges and stopped at stations. Boats cruised the lakes. Cable cars went up and down the mountains. In a few places, cars even drove on the highway. People in Swiss costumes danced in the town squares.

And this is not all ! For garden-lovers there are more than 1500 different plants and over 15000 beautiful coloured flowers.

If you feel like enjoying the view, there is a special park for children that will allow you to sit quietly on the restaurant terrace while your children have fun. Located in Melide right on the edge of the Lugano lake, 5 km far from Lugano town, Swissminiatur is easy to reach either by car, train or boat.

Note:– All the pictures are taken from analogue camera.

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17 thoughts on “Lugano – Dreams do come true !

  1. Amazing that Swissminiatur. Lovely pictures. I’ve one post about Lugano on Blogtrotter 90s (label Lugano), but no pictures from Little Switzerland…
    Thanks for your comments to Blogtrotter.

  2. Gil,
    Yes, it was amazing experience for me. First time in my life I had seen such mini working model of a whole country !!
    For more pictures please visit my Web Album.

  3. It seems you are catching up on your posting….nice description and good to know that your dream came true.
    Tk care ~

  4. Nice write up and good pics….would love to go there sometime. So did they have the miniature version of the miniature itself as well? 🙂

  5. Some beautifully captured shots & it was nice reading about this beautiful place. It was nice to know your dreams came true. The Toy Trains in Darjeeling may interest you, as also they have small sized stations.

  6. BTR,
    Ohh ! You are the most difficult one to dodge !! Yes, I am catching up. A long way to go. 🙁
    And thank you.

    Cheers !

    Thank you.

    So did they have the miniature version of the miniature itself as well.. Oh my bad !! I forgot to notice that !! Now I’ll have to make another visit to check that.
    Ha Ha.. looks like I am learning the excuses for a revisit from Mridula. 🙂 Remember her cellphone episode ?

  7. :-)Yep…The mobile incident was good. Interesting. Yes, its always the case….I wish to return to the places i have been to once.Just cant seem to get enough of the place. 🙂

  8. Gr8 post as usual, and the place sounds interesting, but the pics are of very ordinary quality. Sorry for that.

  9. Ajeya,
    Same here. 🙂

    Ohh as I have mentioned in the post, they were clicked by a fantastic still camera. These ones have 30 mpixel resolution compared to 5/7 of digicams.. Blame the scanner for ordinary quality. My purpose of hosting some pictures here is not to give them for any competition but to give some idea of the location.

    In spite of having a digicam, I like to click most of my pictures by my still camera & can you believe I am a great fan of B&W photography as well ?

  10. Yes Cuckoo, I agree. As a still photos these are well captured but not of good quality, may be because of scanner.
    I am now in kharagpur, in a cafe, so not able to explain in details. I have drafted one post in my lapi regarding this and will post on Wednesday.
    Stay well!

  11. Pijush,
    Earlier the link wasn’t working. Now I have checked & left a long comment as well. 🙂

    Welcome here after your break. How was it?

    Oh thanks. I am of the same opinion specially when I see the pics in my album (hardcopy, not here).

  12. Sorry the link is not working because of a ‘/’ in end, thanks for your comment. Is your recent reader problem solved?

  13. Wow! I cant stop wondering in the effort, imagination and creativity that would have resulted in creation of this miniature country! I can imagine this must have been once in a lifetime experience for you!

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