Tamil signboard !

We had gone to mini Switzerland open museum in Lugano. There were signboards everywhere in different languages telling us not to touch models and other materials. OK, German, French, Italian.. .. I can understand but what caught my attention was this signboard written in Tamil ! Switzerland and Tamil ?? Now that was something unexpected.

If you can read it, please use the comment section. 😀

To talk of Tamil, it is one of the official languages of Singapore. I was amused to see Tamil appearing next to English on every board at railway stations and bus stops there. 🙂

Note:– The photo is from analogue camera.

9 thoughts on “Tamil signboard !

  1. “Apart from using the footpath, do not touch the sample pieces, Minars, statues and Steam engine parts, Thanks”

    Apart from Singapore, Malaysia & Srilanka also has tamil has their official language. In erstwhile Burma too.

  2. Yes Tamil is one of the four official language of Singapore. What bewilders me is Tamil signs in bus stops .. i have never seen one .. which part of spore u saw one??

  3. A Tamil sign in Switzerland is odd. The thing that struck me was the strikingly beautiful script that the language has.

  4. Ram,
    You were quite fast on that. I know I know it’s your language.

    Welcome here on my blog.
    It felt nice to see ‘Tamizh Nadu’ and not Tamil Nadu’. 🙂
    Well, I think it’s a good sign if ppl are learning other languages also.

  5. Abhinav,
    Well, now I don’t remember exactly which bus stop but it was definitely there in Little India, some train stations like Dhobi Talao, and yes, in airport as well.

    There are many Tamilians settled in Singapore. 😀

    Tamil in Switzerland is odd but I think it’s there because of the Srilankan Tamil population.

    Well yes, it has beautiful script but not so easy to read ! 😀

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