Flying to Turkey

You must be wondering where I am off to next.
Well, there has been a flurry of activities in the last few days and I am as busy as I could be. In the last 10 days I declined 3 invitations, both international & domestic; postponed 2 more when the hosts insisted that I must visit them sooner or later.

After Spain in May and Kerala in June, there was no flight out of Mumbai for me, if we leave the shorter trips aside.

And before July says Goodbye to me, I am going off for a week to Turkey on an invitation by Turkish Airlines.

hot air balloon

It is dream come true destination for me. Not that I’ve never put my foot on the land but they were all for the transit. This time I am going to go out into the world of Hot air balloons, Roman ruins, minaret filled skylines and fairy chimneys, not to mention the Turkish cuisines & delicacies.

Tonight I fly to Istanbul, but that is not the end of my journey. The day I will return to Mumbai from Turkey, I’ll fly out again within few hours! Such is life!!

Stay tuned. 😀

6 thoughts on “Flying to Turkey

  1. Oh. Dont go declining so many invitations… send ’em my way, and just incase you need the photographer assistant. i am free there days 😉
    have loads of fun.

    BTW I was looking for your hindi articles. any links you can send me?

  2. All the very best for your upcoming trips. But visiting places on such a tight schedule might feel more like work, than pleasure? I would like to take a nice break in between two trips, that too domestic 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  3. Poonam,
    Ha ha ….My husband is first in that queue. He is even ready to be my porter. 😛

    As for Hindi articles, I haven’t uploaded them yet. I know that’s pending. How does one upload a pdf file on Scribld?

  4. Destination I,
    Yes, I know it’s like changing planes but for me travel is pleasure & work both. More than these, it’s a passion.

    I would also have preferred to have at least a day’s break. 😀

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