A month of Blogathon

And so it has come to an end. Phew !

On the first day of May when I was reading Anjuli‘s blog, I came to know of Blogathon which was to start on the very same day !
Foolishly, I checked the site & in a spur of a moment sent my request to join it. And immediately regretted doing so. I even prayed that my request doesn’t go through or get delayed at the server ! Other participants had prepared themselves mentally of this and were aware of various theme days and other details.

More than two hours passed by and there was no response. In my heart I was happy that my foolishness didn’t cultivate into self inflicted daily ‘torture’ disturbing my busy routine. Then came a mail from the host Michelle … “I will take you in since your request came 7 minutes before 11 PM, the deadline.”.
Gosh !

I was committed now ! There was no going back.

At first, I was worried whether I’d be able to pull it through. More so because my site talks about travel and related stuff. Generic blogs can write anything on this earth whereas mine was a niche.

Nonetheless, slowly I got into the grove. I assured myself; there is so much about travel that I could write. Travel is a way of life for me and I do not have a dearth of topics or photos. In fact, at this moment I have 164 posts in drafts !! Most of them with only titles so that I remember to write on those.

The schedule for this month was too tight, so Blogathon was going to be difficult. At times I scheduled posts for 3 days in a row and vanished. A few posts were very short or just a picture to say my perspective but it wasn’t impossible.

Indian flag in US  @lemonicks.com

Indian flag in US. Can you name the place?

In the end, I am glad that I participated & could complete it… writing a post everyday. 😀
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10 thoughts on “A month of Blogathon

  1. Wow, that was a lot of posts!

    I’m happy with my three-times a week schedule, there is no way I could post as much. I like writing and it takes time to craft a post 🙂

    But good for you!

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!! (we did it) 🙂 I loved each and every post you did- and really, honestly, your presence in the blogathon kept me going EVERY day right til the end…last year I sputtered out a few days before the end…but this year I kept thinking “Nisha is doing it…I can do it…” 🙂

  3. Missed most of it..but hats off to you for doing this…will come back and check posts soon

  4. @Yogesh,
    Absolutely right !!
    Yes, I think people just read the post & hurriedly wrote comments without reading caption of the photo.

    So, you’ve been to Philadelphia? 🙂

  5. @Connie,
    Without you, I wouldn’t have done it. You were my source of inspiration. And I can see you are still maintaining the pace. 🙂

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