Blogathon Wordle Day

Today’s theme at Blogathon is Wordle day. I didn’t know it’s meaning till I tried the tool.
It is about the themes or topics you talk about on your site in the form of a word cloud something similar to your Tag cloud.

So, Happy Wordle day to all. I quite liked the name ;).
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6 thoughts on “Blogathon Wordle Day

  1. I love how different everyone’s Wordle creations turn out, even though we’re all using the same tools – kind of like blogging, isn’t it?

    Thanks for joining us for this month-long journey. It’s been interesting to follow your adventures, and wonderful to have some non-U.S. bloggers participating.


    Michelle Rafter

  2. Thanks for your help with mine! I didn’t even know what a wordle was until today’s theme day- it has been interesting – as Michelle said- to see how they each are different even though it is the same concept!!

    I’m sooo glad you stuck with the challenge of the blogathon- I believe your presence is what kept me going right till the end!! THANK YOU!

  3. Your Wordle is so much more interesting than mine! Thanks for reminding me that I need to spend some time today planning a trip to Italy. Travel and new experiences are so important. Best, Alison

  4. This is the first Wordle I’ve seen today where the words were kept all upright. These were fun to play with, and it was nice of you to help Anjuli with hers. See you tomorrow–our last day. Woo-hoo!

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