Driving Directions in India through Google Maps

If you are taking a road trip in India, Google Maps has made it easy for you. You can now find detailed driving directions between any two places of India.

I tried to get a road map from Mumbai to Aurangabad. It not only gave me a complete route but exact direction as where to turn. One shortcoming though… It gives you the shortest path available without checking main road or sub-lanes.

You can click on the map for a better view.

But then the map breaks the whole route into smaller routes and you can zoom in and further customize it and print it for your trip. Great news , isn’t it ?

6 thoughts on “Driving Directions in India through Google Maps

  1. Deepu,
    Where are you ? Enjoying India ? 😀

    Thanks for the link. Well, you won’t always get four lane roads in India especially highways but I agree with you.

    Sure. I’ll also try it. 🙂

    So, when are you coming ?

  2. At least you can get directions in India!!!!! Costa Rica is a lost cause. there are no names on any streets and your best bet is to remember what a place was once like 15 to 20 years ago. basically, it’s an inheritance of the genes 🙂

  3. it surely is a major advancement for google maps w.r.t India. And the day GPS spreads its wings nice n proper in India, this technology would even direct people when to turn n exactly where to turn.
    For the adventurous though, GPS sometimes takes the charm away, as you don’t rely on a rough map n isntincts. To each his/her own. 🙂

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