In this time of global warming and saving natural resources, someone in middle-east has invented this eco-bike. Please welcome it with a round of applause.

But let me warn you, you need a good practice to ride it.

4 thoughts on “Eco-bike

  1. Wow…this is so nice…I would like to buy this eco friendly bike and use it while going to office. And I am thinking of applying for a vehicle loan to buy this. They should sanction my vehicle loan….

  2. अगर प्रैक्टिस के बाद लोगों का ये हाल है तो ऐसी सवारी से भगवान बचाए !

  3. बचपन में हम चरने वाले घोडों को पकड़ कर ऐसे ही चढा करते थे जो हमें जमीन में पटक देता था. फिर हम लोगों ने उसे काबू करना सीख लिया था.

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