Feedback time

From time to time I update my readers about behind the scene work on
It is time again to do that.
In addition, I have some goodies for you at the end of this post. 🙂

Dubai Deira Creek

A small ship in Deira Creek, Dubai.

Not much has changed on the site as such.
My travel schedule is quite extensive for the next few months and if there are any gaps in between, the unplanned ones fill them up in no time. No regrets, I am more than happy about it. My only grudge is that I do not get enough time to write about my journeys.

I am also busy with my other works and so whenever possible, I am trying to pitch in here with variety of posts.

Before I continue it again, I would like to know your thoughts on what you would prefer to read more on this site. My beloved readers, I feel this site belongs as much to you as it belongs to me. Your queries, comments, feedback & suggestions give me a boost & keep me going.
But this does not mean I will stop writing the way I am doing at present, but your feedback will help me in correcting the course or direction.

a) Would you prefer more photo features ?
b) Would you like more of my travelogues/anecdotes … how and what I felt during a journey? My perspective?
c) Some guides-lines & tips for visiting a place? This I am going to do anyway. 🙂
d) Some unusual things that I observed during my trips?
e) Some more interactions and stories of local people, food & culture.
f) More of videos? I have a great collection… but again lack of time to cut, resize, watermark is the only hindrance.
g) What frequency do you prefer? Twice a week will do or shorter posts but more frequently?
h) Some news clippings or videos that I liked.
i) A mix of above all 😀

Please take 2 minutes out of your busy schedule and give your valuable suggestions. If, for some reasons, you do not want to write here; make use of other connections and contact form. Your efforts are highly appreciated.

And for doing this, you have some goodies your way. 😀

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Enjoy the holiday season.
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22 thoughts on “Feedback time

  1. I like all of the above! Okay, maybe not videos. I’m not a huge fan of videos.. I’m more of a visual person and a reader so I tend to favor anecdotes or travelogues and photography.

    Oh, one small thing: I keep on having issues with your capcha. I enter it right and sometimes it takes three or four attempts to get through! I’d suggest removing it and select the “approve comments from first time commenters” in the “discussion” section in WP dashboard. You can get rid of the spam yet let the regular comment more easily.

  2. ‘i’ seems to be the best option 🙂

    u r already doing a gr8 job. i would say u shud continue doing what u r doing and remember to enjoy in the process. when u enjoy the travel and share what u enjoyed, the readers will enjoy too 🙂

  3. I like more pictures, video, and cultural stories with 2-3 times a week a good frequency; although whatever you choose consistency in posting seems to do best over time.

  4. All,
    Most of the readers want a mix of all, so I am going to continue with that. 😀
    But no one talked about the frequency.

    Thanks for your input.
    Captcha was installed when sometime back I started getting 100s of comments which were actually spams, waiting for approval.

    I think if one takes more time than it thinks one should, it refreshes with another word. It happens with me as well.

    I will see what I can do to ease commenting.

  5. Samaresh,
    Thank you.
    You know what?

    I find writing travelogue is the most difficult part. It does not interest others. It is for your own records.
    So, while you make it readable, you should not move away from what you experienced during your travel.

  6. a, b, d and e for me.
    Preferably no videos, and no new clippings for me please.
    Frequency up to your convenience. There have been times when I have blogged 3 times a month, and other times like in November this year, I’ve already put up 19 posts.
    You haven’t visited me in a long time.;)

  7. Celine,

    I think I’ll continue with what I was doing with more posts on photo features and other things what I enjoy doing most. 😀

    Yes, I am not hopping blogs these days, too busy. I generally read all the blogs thru reader and if I have something to contribute (not nice picture/good shot etc), I make sure to visit & comment.

    In this regard, the blogs which do not provide full RSS feeds, are at a loss since I can not physically go there everytime just to see what they have written. 🙂

  8. A,

    Thanks for your input.

    Photo features are definitely going to increase in number now. 🙂

    I am trying to reduce the frequency as I am too busy but then I have so much to share that it comes out in the form of smaller posts. 🙂

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