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Day 16th is the guest post day for Blogathon. The participants are encouraged to exchange posts with another participant.
I am glad to introduce a friend Anjuli as a guest writer on this site. It is because of her that I joined this crazy Blogathon ! If I am not able to complete the run, she is to be blamed. 😛 And if I complete, she gets full credit. She is the one whose words encourage me no end to take that extra step in whatever I do.
I am ‘trying’ to enjoy it, grumbling every night to write a new post again. 😀
You can also hop over to her blog to read my post about a small part of my bucket list.

Now, over to Anjuli for her five favourite cities.
I’ve always loved traveling whether it was to drive overland somewhere or to fly into a city. It is always great to be introduced to a new place, new people and new experiences. Over the years I’ve been to some fascinating cities, and other cities which I did not care for. If I were to choose my five favorite cities, they would be: (in no particular order)

Izmir, Turkey-
What do I like about Izmir? What is not to love!? Of course living in a place and visiting a place give a total different impression. I was visiting Izmir and had a very positive impression. I’m a history buff, so the entire country of Turkey fascinated me to no end. Izmir has almost 3,500 years of recorded history- wow!
History aside, the area in and around Izmir is gorgeous. One of my favorite memories of when I was visiting was sitting along the water front eating at one of the many cafes. What can be better than sun shining down on you while you sit and talk with your friends.

Delhi, India-
How can I say enough about Delhi…and yes, I’ve chosen to say “Delhi” because I want to include both NEW Delhi and OLD Delhi. Again the history side of me felt fulfilled with all the ancient ruins to visit. My favorite place to visit was the Lodhi Gardens. In Old Delhi- the Red Fort never ceased to amaze me.
Aside from the historical aspect of the city, there was the great food and the wonderful places to go. I don’t think there was a day I was in Delhi that I felt bored. There was always something to see or something to do.

Seattle, Washington, USA-
I was debating on whether to even include Seattle, since it is where I actually live right now. After great thought, I realized I love this city so much that it would not be right to conceal this fact. The longer I live here, the more I love it.
I know everyone talks about the constant rain, I don’t seem to notice it. I do notice the lovely green, luscious trees all around. The lakes and water ways never cease to amaze me. There are days when I’m driving across the 520 bridge (expressway) and I actually feel as though I can’t breathe because everything around me is so beautiful. You’d have to come here to know what I’m talking about.

Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia-
What a loved the best about Kuching was the people. I can’t remember anyone there who was not hospitable. I loved the slow pace of life and the great public transportation. This is another tropical location so you definitely see a lot of greenery. The food is ‘asian’ whether it be noodles, rice or various curries everything is delicious!

Venice, Italy-
What is not to like about Venice?? Once again, I would have to point out the great historical value of the city. I love a city which is unique and I think everyone would have to agree Venice fits the bill. A city which is covered in water….going from point A to point B requires a boat rather than a taxi or a bus.
I would like to go back with my husband one day. I think Venice would take on new meaning if I was there with someone like my husband- just seeing everything through his eyes would be great. However, having said that, I think seeing Venice through anyone’s eyes is absolutely wonderful.
Can you guess out of these five, how many cities I have visited? The winner will accompany me to my next venture. 😛
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9 thoughts on “Five favourite cities – Guest post exchange

  1. @Anjuli,
    Welcome here as a guest post writer and sharing your favorite cities with us. I wanted to write a longer comment for these places, but I’ll do it later as I have asked a question to my readers. 😀

    While coming back from Philippines our plan was to go to Kuching but it didn’t happen. But they say there is always a next time. 🙂

  2. Awesome! So I see you are getting on nicely with Blogathon.
    And nice post by your guest blogger Anjuly. My guess is that you’ve visited all 5 of these places. So do I qualify?

  3. @Vibha,
    Welcome here.
    Yeah, managing somehow.

    And won’t say anything about your guess. 🙂 Let a few more people do that.

    And I liked your post too.

  4. hey Nisha
    I think u have not been to Washington, but other four place u have been, I am sure, I am guessing 🙂
    nice..keep blogging, good for health 🙂
    ps: hope ur shoulder is okay 🙂 🙂

  5. Oh man- was it today that we were to do the exchange? I thought it was May 16th- or is it already May 16th for you? I’ll be posting yours at 5.30 am tomorrow morning 🙂 Maybe I’ll up the time. I really enjoyed your post- and it solidified why you are one of my fav travel writers.

  6. I am keenly following your blogathon posts.
    All the best!

    I guess you have been to Venice and Delhi.

    Great Post Anjuli. I shall have to visit your blog 🙂
    Keep it coming folks!

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