Happy Diwali

Me and my blog wish you all a very Happy and prosperous Diwali.
May this Diwali warm your heart & home with ever blossoming happiness, loads of success & peace and contentment.

And may you travel more. 😀

happy diwali

Life is as busy as it could be.
Last 10 days saw me declining three invites. There are reasons to do this.

First, I am going slow on travel these days… only 2 trips per month.
Second, clash of travel dates.
Third, I am selective. I don’t jump at every opportunity of a ‘free’ travel.

And there are times when you expect guests at home. It is not nice on my part to enter after days of travel, and the guests welcome me in my own house !! 😀 It has happened several times in the past…. I am trying to avoid that.

On this note, I wish you again a very Happy Diwali.

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