Holiday trend in India

Holiday season and we see flock of people going out of their nests. Visits to relatives or for family reunion have reduced considerably and beaches, mountains & deserts have become more important.

Have you ever noticed there is always a holiday trend when it comes to tourism in India? And most of us fall for this trend while planning our holidays.
toy train at elephanta

A Toy Train at Elephanta caves.

If it is summer vacation, people throng beach places and the mountains. There are so many people going to these destinations that these places enjoy the commercialization and since it is the peak season, they mint money out of everything. Hence, in my opinion the vacationers do not enjoy as much as they should & end up paying more for everything from tickets to accommodation and food. I suggest they should try to book much in advance to avoid last minute rush.

Come Christmas holidays, and I have seen people not only from India but from abroad also including Bangalore in their Itinerary. The tourism in Bangalore boosts up, mainly because it serves as a landing point for Hampi. Hampi has an annual festival also.

There are some other states of India where tourism is high during these holiday seasons such as Kerala, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh. I wish we can boost tourism in some other states as well.

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2 thoughts on “Holiday trend in India

  1. I believe you – It’s much better and cheaper to book with the early bird discount..

    When I have compared those two discounts (early bird / lastminute) in the last year.. last minute was up to 10-15% much expensive then early bird..

  2. Akuti,
    Thanks for leaving your valuable comment.

    Please don’t leave your url if you belong to a commercial party. I have removed your link from this comment.

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