Lessons I keep learning

A traveler, that is what I am and it goes without saying that I have traveled a lot. Both in India and to other parts of the world. So, it is not a surprise that people around me ask my opinion about places. Sometimes when they plan their trips, they remember me. 🙂
I help and guide them plan their vacations or tours. No, not money but it gives me immense pleasure to do so. If they want to go to a place where I have been to, I not only tell them the places to visit in that city but inform them about smaller details to enjoy the place.

But let me tell you it is not an easy job. It takes some effort and time to know what people actually want. Slight deviation from their expectations and you are showered with brickbats. People have different perceptions and expectations from any trip. It is difficult to judge their requirements beforehand.

Once a family wanted to know which hotel to stay at after telling me their basic requirements. Since they had ample budget, had booked their entire trip by Jet-Airways, I recommended them a hotel which I knew was good enough for their requirements after referring to http://www.hotelscombined.com/  which compares over 30 of major reservation sites at once and tells all facilities about them.
Little did I know they were to join at the venue by two more families, one of them having a pet which was denied admission ! Had I known this before I could have used the same site to get them a suitable pet friendly accommodation.

Then there was a group of engineering students taking a break from their studies. They were on a shoe string budget and wanted to go to a shore area. Obviously after consulting one of them I suggested places to hangout and a hotel which had just the basic facilities. I thought since they were young energetic students, they’ll use hotel only for sleeping purpose.
But heh ! Apparently two of them had wanted to learn swimming in hotel pool, which, being a budget hotel was not there. Good that I didn’t suggest them shacks. 😛

Now I also look at the hotel reviews before deciding on one and show them as well.
Phew ! Such are the lessons I keep learning. 😀

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  1. Every individual is different. While traveling I had come across a female from USA, who told me that both she and her son are traveling in India separately, i.e. individually, sounds funny , but, that’s the way it is , we all are different and like doing things differently. Like in my case, though visually challenged, I like to always travel alone with my difficulties than latching on to some group. Nice post …thank you.

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