Make it a Christmas to Remember

This is the second post in this batch of Guest-post series on this site. The contributions are from people like you and me but not necessarily from the blogging world. We see, observe and experience many mundane things in our daily life. The flavours are different but the interest is common in these posts … and that is Travel.
This post is from Nick Phillipps.
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It’s all a bit depressing at the moment isn’t it? The High Streets are a bit doom and gloom and you only to have to turn on the news to realize that the Christmas cheer this year will be a little less than normal because of the way that we are all tightening our belts.

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So what better way to put the winter woes behind you by thinking about booking a last minute get away for when the celebrations are over?
If you (like many of us) get that familiar sinking feeling on Boxing Day evening, then what would be better than looking forward to jetting off on a short break a couple of days afterwards?

You don’t have to worry as it doesn’t have to cost you the earth. There are plenty of deals to be had at the moment and if you are little bit savvy and look out for the best deals then you can get away without breaking the bank. If you are still finding it hard to come up with the cash for a trip away this year then you could always forego the gifts of socks and vests from your great aunt and ask for money towards your trip away instead.
Your relatives will probably be delighted to be able to give you cash towards something that they know that you will love and as a result you will all be happy. No more trudging around the shops looking for something to buy you for them, and you will get the present that you really want.

A city break to somewhere fun and vibrant like New York could be just the ticket for beating the blues and if you book it for a couple of days after the festivities end then you can jump in your car and make your trip to the airport to start your second round of Christmas fun!
If you drive to the airport (and let’s face it if you are going to New York you will need your car for the all of the shopping that you will need to transport home!) then there are lots of car park options at most of the major airports around the UK.
There will be a variety of options that you will be able to choose from including valet parking and the low cost park and ride parking at Heathrow and many options for parking Manchester airport.
Make sure you also explore the options for Dublin airport parking and Gatwick airport parking.

2 thoughts on “Make it a Christmas to Remember

  1. Nice reading Phillipps. Unfortunately I do not have an aunt to foot my travel bills. While on the move I captured some people people toiling to make some body else’ X’mas a happy one. Right now I am at Coimbatore and could participate in the festivities here.

  2. PNS,
    Very valid point.

    Even for travel or fulfill their own dreams, I have seen people asking for money from others. Why should others pay for such selfish dreams.

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