My top 5 favorite places….

Today at Blogathon is Theme day and the theme is “My five favourite places to write ….

Well, the theme was a tad difficult for me so I changed it to suit me. It is allowed. 🙂
The theme is now “My five favourite places”. Again, I didn’t want to write name of cities or towns that are my favorite places because five is a very very small number and I won’t do any justice to the theme.

So instead, I chose five places in a different manner where I would like to go again & again.
Beach :- Beaches never cease to amaze me. I like the restlessness of waves, their anger, their continuous effort to reach us, and their never say die attitude. The vastness of sea where you can not see the other end makes me ponder how small we are compared to this universe.

Koh lanta beach

That’s a beach in Koh Lanta where I sat alone for hours, trying to learn something from the waves.
Lone traveller, lone boat, lone bird and lone sun. 🙂

Snow capped mountains :- I have been to many snow capped gigantic mountains in different countries & continents and they all told me to shut up and take things a bit seriously.
I am fortunate to relish these beauties of nature.
It was fun skiing in Chamonix in France, it was emotional to write a postcard from the highest post office in Europe, it was simply awe to see blinding white and just white of Alps. It was romantic to have a hot cup of coffee sitting on a wooden bench, shivering & overlooking the slopes in New Zealand and it was just wonderful to look down the Himalayan range from an airplane and so on.

Alps mountain

White expanse of Alps.

Rural places :- The sheer rawness of the place pulls me there. The simple life, the innocence on people’s face, the uninhibited laughter of children, the hard work, the shyness, the isolation from this mad crowding world, the ignorance of all scientific gadgets makes me want to go there again & again. It reminds me that’s the life our forefathers have lived and that’s how some people still live. It doesn’t matter whether I speak their language or not but I do understand them.

village woman doing chores

A village woman separating rice from husk. Do you see she’s doing with hands?

Desert :- Frankly speaking, I have never stayed for long in any real desert to like the place. But would love to stay for at least a fortnight, just to be there to experience how scarce and precious are things including life which we take for granted and how only the ruthless, tough ones can survive there. Remember cactus, scorpions, snakes and camels?

Lakes :- As much I love wilderness of sea waves, as I love calmness of a lake. Lakes give me a feel of serenity & tranquility. It tells us to stop, rest for a while and enjoy the silence. Not that all the lakes that I have visited were silent ones but I feel the basic nature of a lake is to soothe you.
lake rotorua

Lake Rotorua, New Zealand.

What are your top five places to visit?

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7 thoughts on “My top 5 favorite places….

  1. Ah, I knew you were a woman after my own heart :)…except for the desert- I can do without desert- been there and done that (and not sure I like it much ) …ha ha…but all the other 4 LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

    Thank you so much for ‘sparing me’– you are the BEST!! 🙂

  2. I guess you covered most places! I always like beaches better than mountains, probably because I grew up by the seaside. I find water very soothing too. And waterfalls! I love waterfalls…

  3. @Anjuli,
    Ha Ha ….
    Well, I haven’t been to a desert for more than a day. So kind of curious. 🙂
    lol @sparing *wink*

  4. All these places do have their unique factors which you brought out so wonderfully well 🙂 Loved this post, the pics are just awesome as always 😀
    Thanks for the tag… I really appreciate your gesture but am really sorry for my inability to take it forward as mine is tag free blog, Thanks anyways 🙂
    Have a great day, Nisha 🙂

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