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Welcome to my travel experience blog. Always wanted to have one for my sweet & sour travel experiences. Off late I have been traveling a lot and what better way than to blog a few of my experiences.

I think that traveling comes from some deep urge to see and understand the world. Definitely, travel is more than seeing of sights for me, it is a change that goes within, deep and permanent, in the ideas of our living, our thoughts.
On this blog I intend to write about different places around the globe that I have visited or going to visit and my views, my experiences of those places, sometimes as a tourist and sometimes as a silent observer.

It will be different from other regular travel blogs in the sense that I am not going to mention about how to reach there or where to stay (if that happens, it will be unintentional) but my views about the place, the people, and the culture, in a series of experiences that made my journey treasured and memorable.
I have divided this blog in four major sections namely

1. The world – this will NOT include India, my country.
2. My India – No need to mention what it is going to contain
3. Lovely neighbourhood – It will have places within a few hours drive from Mumbai city
4. Aamchi Mumbai – Mumbai, my current city of domicile

Within these four major sections, sub-sections will get added as and when posts increase in numbers. Going to have plenty of pictures also. To start with, I’ll TRY to update this blog once in fifteen-twenty days.

For this, my first post, I have this beautiful picture of the earth, of course not clicked by me !!
I like this picture very much, one of my favourites.

One can see half of Europe and most of Africa in dark as the sun has already set. UK still has sunlight.
If you are familiar with world map, clusters of lights can be seen in and around major cities in Europe like Paris, Rome, Naples, Milan, Berlin etc. Some major cities like Tripoli of Africa as well. Unfortunately India is not there in the picture.

Thanks for your visit. Bon Voyage !

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